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Quickly & Easily Deploy Technology for Your Hybrid Workplace

Your Host

Zack Kingsak

Product Marketing Manager
Special Guest

Danielle Whyte

Implementation Specialist
Quickly & Easily Deploy Technology for Your Hybrid Workplace

For nearly two years, businesses have had to adapt to an environment that’s changing rapidly. Now, leaders have a clearer idea of what new technologies are needed to keep employees engaged and productive in the hybrid workplace

But supporting these changes can seem daunting, and you don't want to invest in technology that is difficult to use or takes months to implement. 

Learn how to get ready for the hybrid workplace in days — not months — thanks to Teem’s quick deployment process.

In this webinar, we'll show you how Teem can help you digitize your office by:

  • Creating information-rich, dynamic, digital floor plans from basic PNG images 
  • Setting up rooms and desks with common attributes in bulk 
  • Making changes quickly as the environment changes 
  • Giving employees the information they need to navigate their new space 
  • Deploying office technology that works with tools you already use, without needing to invest in new hardware

And more!


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