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Meet. Manage. Measure.


Frictionless Conference Room Collaboration


Zack Kingsak

Product Marketing Manager, iOFFICE

Kami jones

Account Executive, iOFFICE
Frictionless Scheduling for Hassle-Free Collaboration

It’s almost time to return to the office, and your employees are looking forward to seeing their colleagues in person. But variable hours and high demand could put a major strain on your conference room resources — unless you have an effective way to manage them. 

That’s where Teem comes in. Here, Zack and Kami will show you how Teem can help with

  • Fast deployment and simple management 
  • Agile reservations system that works in email clients, mobile app, kiosks, and room displays 
  • Visual Maps to help employees navigate the office
  • Beautiful conference room displays
  • Recapturing wasted space from no-show meetings

Learn how to make conference room scheduling frictionless and prevent resource management problems, so your employees can enjoy their time in the office and get back to collaborating face-to-face.

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