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How IT and HR Can Build Trust While Bringing Employees Back to the Office


Michelle Pellon

Vice President of IT

Heath Neel-Glass

Vice President of HR
Trust and transparency are vital as employees return to the office. So how can IT and HR bring employees back in a way that shows safety and wellness are a top priority?

Listen as Teem by iOFFICE's VPs of IT and HR shared their plans to successfully return employees to the office. They discussed how to build trust with your workforce, what metrics and data you should consider when planning to reopen.

They also covered:

  • Which metrics do employees care about most? What helps them feel safe and comfortable?
  • When using touchless visitor management functionality (like QR codes), how do you ensure you have pre-screening activities on file?
  • How should HR respond when someone doesn’t pass a pre-screening questionnaire?
  • What you need to know about airflow, filters, and filtration systems.
  • Building access control: What is the right mix of allowing employees in the building, while also keeping everyone safe?

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