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WEBINAR Recording

2-in-1 Scheduling: Keep Work & Resource Calendars in Harmony With Teem's Workplace Tools


Zack Kingsak

Product Marketing Manager

Kami Jones

Account Executive-Growth Segment

Workplace experience improves with technology, and it improves substantially depending on ease-of-use and convenience.

If you’re concerned about deployment, onboarding, and the fate of your existing workplace technology, Zack and Kami will put your mind at ease as they explore the benefits of a dedicated workplace experience solution that connects to your work calendar — including easy deployment and increased end-user adopt.

In this video, you’ll learn what employees can accomplish when you combine Outlook and Google Calendar plugins with Teem’s workplace tools, including:

  • Adding rooms or desks to their calendar events
  • Searching for the perfect space that meets their needs
  • Visualizing their reserved space’s location from a map of the office
  • Adding services such as catering or room configurations
  • Pre-registering external guests
And More!

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