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Meet. Manage. Measure.


A Flexible Framework for Outsourcing and Contracting


Kate Vitasek

Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education at the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business

Mike Petrusky

Host of Workplace Innovator Podcast

Today's global and outsourced companies are seeking lean and agile processes that allow them to better manage risk and create value using the Cloud and artificial intelligence to drive efficiency.

Although the world has changed dramatically, contracts haven't caught up.

In this webinar, Kate Vitasek, author, educator, and architect of the Vested® business model, explains why it's time for organizations to rethink contracting.

Watch for helpful advice on contracting and outsourcing for the new economy, with insights on:

  • Refreshing outsourcing partnerships with security and flexibility in mind 
  • Why contracting in the new economy demands taking a new approach 
  • Creating contracts with a flexible framework designed to keep parties in continuous alignment